21 Aug

What is Papertrademe.com?

The Idea

Create a platform to allow people interested in trading commodities to practice risk free.

With our platform, users will be able to mock trade commodities using real, live conditions, such that if it were a real trade the user would have made (or lost) the money if it had been invested in the commodities market. Having experience in trading commodities ourselves, one of the most essential aspects of trading commodities is what is referred to as “paper trading”. Paper trading is simply pretending you’re in the market and tracking your progress based on real market conditions. What we wanted  to create was a better way to track these paper trades – an automated way that allow us to focus on the actual trading rather than trying to keep up with the daily calculations needed to paper trade.


Thus was born papertrademe.com! Papertrademe.com will allow aspiring and professional commodity traders alike a place to practice and test out trading ideas and theories all at no risk to losing real money! We’re really excited about this and know that it will be a well-received platform.


Good. Here’s what you can do to keep up with the development of this project.

So, with many thanks and much appreciation, thank you for your support! Please stay in touch and share, share share!

The Bushel Boys

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