19 Aug

Progress Update

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We are so close!!  We have passed through the design stage of Papertrademe.com so qucikly, that it seems we blinked, and it was finished.  I would like to send a shout out to Matthew Schraud at www.seeyournarrative.com for the help with the design.  He did a great job, and the turn-around time was amazing.

Hopefully you are wondering what it is that we have built?  The goal from the beginning was to build the easiest and best way to paper trade commodities/futures on the internet. With our design, we believe that we have, hands down, the cleanest and most user-friendly site out there.  One of the main ways that we are keeping things clean is by the minimal advertising. There are no crazy banner ads, no brokers vying for your attention or your money. This desire to keep it clean stems from our many days of paper trading online in the past. We were inundated with the constant advertisements telling us we were ready for trading. But the truth was that we were not ready. Because of that we lost money.

Looking back, we should have spent a bit more time losing (or making) virtual money by practicing on paper – aka paper trading. But greed, or ego, or simply being unaware got us into trouble.

The only money you will lose with us is virtual money.  You tell us what your virtual limit is, and we help you stick to it. There’s no risk! But you’ll be trading as if it there was!

The days of paper trading in the dark are over.  We are bringing it into the light and it is beautiful.  We here at papertrademe.com adhere to the philosphy that “practice makes profit”.

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