03 Mar

Professionals Rehearse Until they Can’t get it Wrong

Today I’ve been pondering the following quote:

“Amateurs rehearse until they get it right. Professionals rehearse until they can’t get it wrong.”

I initially heard this quote on the Pat Flynn Podcast with Michael Port. Which, after a quick Google Search, is apparently attributed to Julie Andrews.

I absolutely love this quote! It so encompasses the difference between an amateur and a professional. When I first heard the quote and the discussion that followed, I immediately identified with it. I’m such an amateur! And it’s because I don’t rehearse enough.

I initially felt bad about this. But then I realized that this was already an area of my life that I’ve been working on. Whether it be giving a speech, teaching, or practicing music, or whatever, it’s no longer an option to just “wing it”. Practice must be taken seriously and it must be done as a regular habit of life. And, indeed, this is being displayed in the creation and development of papertrademe.com. The whole concept of “practice until you can’t get it wrong” is enveloped in our application.

When it comes to investing money in the futures market, it is not good enough to just learn the fundamentals and a few techniques about trading commodities – you’ll lose your shirt that way. We need to practice until we can’t get it wrong. That it is how fortunes are made. And that is what using papertrademe.com will do for you.

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