13 Feb

Why we Created Papertrademe.com

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We want to be able to control our own money.

If you look online for places to invest your money, there’s no shortage of people who will gladly take it and invest it as they please. They’re the experts, right? If you’re like us, we’re a bit skeptical of investors. Once they have your money and the freedom to trade as they please, there’s no real incentive to be profitable…at least not to the extent that you have to invest your own money.

Brokers don’t really want to help you.

Have you looked online for sites that will help you trade commodities? Sure, you can practice…for about 2 weeks, and then the brokers want you to invest lots of money.

The reason they only give you 2 weeks is because they don’t make any money unless you’re trading. But 2 weeks just isn’t wise. We’re talking about trading potentially huge amounts of commodities? No way. We need time to figure this stuff out.

Blindfolded business man with bag of money is about to walk off the edge of a building representing financial risk, management, planning, investments, savings and retirement, and many other financial concepts.

We need to practice.

Each of has hobbies. From learning Chinese to gardening to DIY improving our homes our hobbies run the gamut. Well, guess what? They take practice. And we continue to practice each of these hobbies on a regular basis. We can use each of these skills in real life, but in order to get better, we have to continue to practice.

We’re learn-by-doing kind of people.

We don’t know about you, but learning the theory of any subject gets old fast. It’s so much more rewarding to actually apply your knowledge in real life. That’s exactly what papertrademe.com does. It allows us to practice trading commodities as if it were real! If we had actually made the trades, we would see the same results!

We like to experiment.

What if there’s a better way? What if that “expert trader” on the TV actually knows what he’s talking about? What about that new way of technical trading? Well…let’s test it out. We’re not going to waste our hard earned money without first giving it a shot in practice.

At the end of the day, we really want to take our futures into our own hands. We can study this stuff all day, everyday, but until we’re actually doing this for ourselves, it’s not worth anything. With papertrademe.com, we’re practicing in real life conditions because we know that “Practice makes Profitable“.

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